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… SMART: connected and controlled by Cloud Software

BioSmart is an indispensable instrument for nutritionists and dieticians, as well as to endocrinologists, oncologists and many other professionals. BioSmart, the bio electrical impedance analysis (BIA), multi-frequency , is designed to be a versatile tool, is suitable to the broader needs: from the use outpatient, use at home due to the small size.
BioSmart works with Bluetooth connectivity. You can run tests and keep data on the application. Through a simple graphical representation of the results, the data will be easy to interpret and recall during the follow-up


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Dynamism and Accuracy

    The complete calibration system ensures the compensation on the errors introduced by the probe cable. It can be done at any time quickly and easily through the special front connectors.
    Four sample calibration points and the probe control, assures user of BioSmart to verify the accuracy of the measurements over time. only 5/2 are needed to carry out the calibration of BioSmart!
    BioSmart returns the fundamental values measured by the analysis (impedance, resistance, reactance and phase angle) to 50kHz and 100kHz. Within the software, in addition to these, all formulations values are available.
    Customized prints of the report with the name of the doctor, indicating the normal values and anthropometric such as weight, circumferences, skinfold and many others. Pdf prints can be sent via email.
    BioSmart is fitted with an innovative microprocessor firmware update system (very similar derivation to microprocessors present in smartphones) at a distance that allows our technicians to support for any upgrades.


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Many Benefits

  • APP
    Through the new application for Tablet and Smartphone, BioSmart is a versatile tool, suitable to the broader needs. Together with its compact size and weight (only 400 grams) allows it to be easily transported.
    Communication via Bluetooth facilitate analysis, and optimize space within your medical office.
    User training is done through the connection in remote desktop.
    BioSmart is sold with an initial supply of 100 pre-gelled electrodes. It is not mandatory to buy the electrodes by the supplier (you will have available the specification of compatible electrodes), in each case the electrodes have a cost of a few cents per piece.
    Available APP languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French. On request we can also make the app translations in other languages for free.
    It is optionally available, a comfortable bluetooth printer of receipt.





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These parameters are directly elected from the human body, so they are not obtained from calculations

Impedance 5Khz – 50Khz – 100Khz

Resistance 5Khz – 50Khz – 100Khz

Reactance 5Khz – 50Khz – 100Khz

Phase Angle 5Khz – 50Khz – 100Khz

Through the graphical representation of phase angle, it will be possible to assess the state of hydration of the patient


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Total Body Water
Intracellular Water
Extracellular Water
Fat Mass
Fat Free Mass
Muscle Mass
Visceral Fat
Na/K Exchange



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Grafico bioimpedenziometria idratazione

Hydration graphs[hr style=”1,2,3,4″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”]

Esempio stampa Biosmart

3-page print output generated automatically after analysis with Biosmart


BIOSMART KIT – Go to the store

The kit that will be delivered includes the following materials:

  • #1 BIOSMART Instrument

  • #1 Probe Cable

  • #1 Charger

  • #1 Aluminum case

  • #1 USB cable 1,5m

  • #100 Electrodes

  • #1 Software License

  • #1 Instruction Manual

  • 30 min. training in remote connection with our Operator (available only in English language)

OPTIONAL: Bluetooth printer – produced by the tablet App


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    You can communicate with the instrument via Bluetooth through Tablet or Smartphone. This innovation allows you to break free from uncomfortable flying leads and leave your device remote while the analysis is performed on the patient.

    Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0


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